7 faqs About Intercourse in Your 50s and 60s

7 faqs About Intercourse in Your 50s and 60s

You probably didn’t even want to think about older couples having sex when you were younger. The good news is you yourself have actually entered this phase of life, the idea of intercourse must certanly be normal. Sex does not, and really shouldn’t, have an expiration date.

Read on to get responses to seven of your top questions regarding making love in your 50s and 60s.

1. What’s taking place down there?

You might curently have noticed some psychological modifications that have actually accompanied menopause, but did you know your vagina and vulva are actually changing too?

These tissues are thinning and becoming less elastic as your estrogen levels change during menopause. You’re additionally probably experiencing genital dryness.

Each one of these modifications can impact how you encounter intercourse, however they may also be addressed with fairly solutions that are simple.

Changing intimate roles and making use of over-the-counter (OTC) lubrication or genital moisturizers, as an example, might help you continue enjoyment that is sexual.

2. I’m no more interested in intercourse. Is it normal?

A plunge in libido is really a typical issue made by many people females of menopausal age. But this plunge doesn’t need to be permanent.

Continuing to take part in sexual intercourse, either together with your partner or through self-stimulation, might help you push past this period of reduced desire. Speaking with the doctor might also offer insight that is further feasible solutions.

3. Can it be safe to resume intercourse if it is been a little while?

You’ll nevertheless properly resume activity that is sexual a long amount of abstinence. But, going extended periods of time with out intercourse after menopause can cause your vagina actually to reduce and slim. Continue reading “7 faqs About Intercourse in Your 50s and 60s”